Last-Minute Prom Hairstyles

It starts with the prom proposal, then you pick your dress and figure out your prom group. One of the most magical nights of Senior Year is right around the corner and you realize you’ve forgotten one of the biggest parts of your look: your HAIR! Whether you’re planning things out in advance or found this article the day of, we’ve got you covered. If you’re getting your hair done at a salon or DIY-ing it at home, you need some inspiration to drive your style.

Ditch The Updo! This Year We’re All About The Tousled, Undone Look!

Try a Chunky Braid

French braid your hair starting high up on the crown of your head and leave about 5 inches at the end of the braid.

Beginning at the end of the braid start tugging on the outer portion of each little section moving up the braid. Repeat this step, adjusting things, until the braid is voluminous and messy. Make sure to carefully pull out a couple pieces in the front to frame your face.

TIP: Use dry shampoo or hairspray to give your hair some texture and hold for this style.

This braid is perfect for a floor length gown with a low back. It's elegant and draws attention up which works perfectly for balancing out the length to perfection.

Hair by AIP student Marissa McKay



The Pull-Through Pony

This one is great if you have layers or want something that looks fancy but is actually really simple.

Section your hair in half horizontally so you have 2 ponytails, one on top of the other. Separate the hair into a loop just above each ponytail and flip the ponytail through. Then pull the tail of the top ponytail through the loop of the bottom one.

TIP: Add some pins for extra hold.

This ethereal look would pair with a whimsical sheer dress. Lace and chiffon compliment this dreamy ponytail.

Hair by AIP student Katie Yozamp


Braided Half-Up Look

This style is so versatile and you can modify it depending on your braid skills.

Take the top section of your hair and start to French braid it a couple steps so you have only a few crosses, then secure it with an elastic.

Now get creative from there (think simple braid, fishtail, or twist)!

TIP: For that extra polished look, wrap a piece of hair around the elastic to hide it!

This style is fun and flirty. A short, sweet dress would be so delighted with this quirky half-up look.

Hair by AIP student Maria Lopez


Having your hair down is so flattering on every face shape, so we love these styles because they keep the length while adding a more formal element. Each of these styles are totally do-able for any skill level, especially because you're going for the effortlessly messy look! Check out our Beauty Quickies series for some last minute make-up tips!



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