How many hours are required in the cosmetology program?
For Cosmetology, Portland: 1835 hours & Vancouver: 1600 hours

How many hours are required in the Esthiology program?
For Esthiology, Portland: 600 hours & Vancouver: 750 hours

Do you offer a hair design only program?
Yes, we offer a Hair Design only program. Portland: 1150 hours. Vancouver: 1400 hours.

What is the difference between Cosmetology, Esthiology, and Hair Design? 
The Cosmetology program focuses on all modalities from hair to skin to nails. Each of the other programs focuses on different subjects within those three domains. Esthiology dives into skin focusing on facial treatments, hair removal, and skincare. Hair Design focuses on haircutting, color, and styling.  


Campus Environment

What is the environment like at school?
Our school environment is an inclusive, fast-paced environment. The programs that we offer are all part of the same industry and many subjects from different programs overlap as they are industry standards and not solely exclusive to the program a student is enrolled for. We have core classes that you move through with students from other programs. The environment is split into different sections: Spa, Hair Floor and Nails Area. This allows students and instructors to have full access to the entire school based on what students are focused on for their individual program.

Can I change programs while I’m in school? 
Choosing the right program for yourself is so important to your success! Changing your program is possible BUT it is a lengthy process that must be approved in advance and may not be financially beneficial to the student. A student who wants to change their program must completely withdraw from their current program and pay all applicable fees. A Petition to Re-Enroll must be completed and submitted to the Leadership Committee detailing the reasons behind the request to change programs. If approved, the student would then be eligible to enroll in a different program. Hours, tests and services may not be transferrable into the new program.  

What different schedules are available?
We offer 2 different schedules for students to choose from:

  • Full Time: Monday-Friday 10-6pm
  • Part-time: Tuesday-Thursday 10-6:30pm

Is there parking?
At our Portland campus there is street parking and lots in the area but no designated lot for the school. Our Vancouver campus does have a limited parking lot.

Are there breaks during the program?
Yes. There is a winter break for the holidays as well as a 1 week break during the summer.

What if I need a vacation or time off?
At Aveda Institute Portland, we carefully structure your curriculum so that you have as many learning opportunities as possible. It is important to set aside the necessary time to dive in fully to your education. That being said, we know that life is not without its challenges and sometimes, you might need some time off. For non-emergency or medical situations, you are able to take a few days off by providing communication to your instructors and our student service team. If you do find yourself in an emergency or in need of a medical procedure, we can place you on a Leave of Absence for instances lasting two weeks or more.


Hands-on Experience

What are the clients like?  
We have a very diverse clientele and students will work on all type of hair and skin.

When will I get to work on a real person?
You will immediately be practicing your techniques on both mannequins as well as real guests. You will be required to bring in models to help you practice these techniques in addition to practicing your guest service skills. Models are a way for you to practice your skills on a real person with hands on guidance from your instructor. Your books will be open to start receiving outside guests within your first 5-8 weeks after starting your program. 

I am interested in hair and makeup for photography- will there be opportunities for me to try this?
Yes! Photoshoots are a big part of AIP culture. Every student get to do a student photoshoot, with a professional photographer.


Admissions and Requirements

Do you offer Financial Aid?
Yes- financial aid is available to students who qualify and we have a finance team available to students Monday-Friday to assist students in their finances and answer any questions. We even offer intermittent financial aid classes throughout your program. 

Do you accept Home School Diplomas?
Aveda Institute Portland does not accept Home School Diplomas/Certificates.

How old do you I have to be to start school?
You must be 18 years or older before you start school.

Is there a dress code required for students? Yes- students are required to wear an Aveda Institute Portland labcoat, a solid black or a white top, and black bottoms.


Student Discounts

Do I get a discount on Aveda products?
Yes- students receive 30% off on Aveda products on our retail floor.

Do I get discounts on services while enrolled at school?
Students receive 50% off on all services while enrolled.


Finance Department - Top Q & A


I probably don't qualify for aid. Should I apply for aid anyway?
Yes! Need based and non-need based Federal Financial Aid is available to students attending the institute. To find out what you are eligible for, complete you FAFSA online at www.studentaid.gov. The federal government evaluates all FAFSAs to determine loan eligibility based on your specific situation.

I am interested in funding part or all of my education through federal financial aid. What are the steps I need to take?
Complete your FAFSA online at www.studentaid.gov as soon as possible o If you haven't already done so, contact the admissions department for application and enrollment information. Once accepted, meet with a financial aid representative to process verification (if needed)and to review a federal financial aid package.

I have been selected for verification, now what?
If you are selected for verification, your financial aid representative will request additional documentation. Please complete all forms with the proper signatures as soon as possible. Your federal financial aid will not be initiated until verification is fully processed.

How do I apply for grants and what is the current maximum Pell Grant?
Submit a FAFSA and it will automatically determine your eligibility for Pell Grants. During the 2023-2024 award year, the maximum Pell Grant is $7,395 for those who qualify.

Can I apply for a scholarship to cover my living expenses?
Yes! To find more information on scholarships, click on SCHOLARSHIPS link to the left and/or visit www.fastweb.com. Please remember to notify the financial aid office if you receive any scholarships. Please refer the student catalog for more information.

I've been selected to receive a private scholarship. Should I report it to the financial aid office?
Yes! All financial assistance must be reported to ensure you are within your cost of attendance. The benefit: if you are funding more of your education with free money, then you can reduce your loans.

Can I change my federal loans after they have been activated?
Yes. Please submit a student report to the financial aid office and we will ensure your loans are properly adjusted.

I completed my FAFSA over four weeks ago but haven't received my Student Aid Report (SAR) from FAFSA. What should I do?
Contact Federal Student Aid Information Center at 1-800-4-FED-AID or 1-319-337-5665

I am a dependent and my parents are divorced or separated, whose information do I use on my FAFSA?
Provide information about the parent whom you lived with most during the last 12 months. If you did not live with one parent more than the other, provide information about the parent who provided 50% or more of financial support during the last 12 months. If your parents have remarried after being widowed or divorced, provide information about both your parent and your stepparent.

How do I get a copy of my tax transcript?
First Step: Gather your Social Security Number, Date of Birth, Street Address and Zip Code. Second Step: order your tax transcripts online OR call 1-800-908-9946

Do I have to reapply for financial aid every year?
Yes! Fill out the FAFSA each year which opens October 1st.


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