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We are knee-deep in summer and getting ready for summer break! That means one thing....VACATION!!! After the winter, we have had in the PNW we are welcoming summer excursions with open arms! We want to help get YOU vaycay ready so for the month of July you can come on in and get 3 travel size Aveda products for just $20!!! This is an amazing mix-&-match deal that you don't want to miss. We caught up with some students and staff to find out their travel essentials to give you a little inspo- check it out!

Ellie (Assistant Manager)


Pick #1: Damage Remedy Shampoo " I have color treated hair and it is going to need a lot of love, especially since I don't what kind of water the hotel is going to have!"

Pick #2: Sun Care Hair & Body Cleanser " If you're spending a lot of time at the pool and a lot of time at the beach then you're going to need to get all that chlorine and sunscreen out of there."

Pick #3: Foot Relief Lotion "I do a lot of walking on my vacations and of course i would take this for my feet at the end of the day!"

What is your favorite vacation? "I just went to Europe for two-weeks! I went to Paris Barcelona. The best part was honestly going on the train from Paris to Avignon, it was so beautiful, literally everything i passed was picture perfect scenic."

What do you always forget to pack?  " Well I usually forget my hair dryer and then this time I remembered my hair dryer but, did not remember to bring an adaptor for it because they have different plugs there."

Lisa ( AIP Student)

Pick #1: Air Control " I think you can't really go anywhere without having something to set your style!"

Pick #2: Damage Remedy Shampoo "This is perfect If you are styling your hair a lot, because you know you always want to look good on vaycay!"

Pick #3: Damage Remedy Conditioner "This is great for any heat damage! Plus, I'm blonde and I get really blonde while in the sun- so it is always good to have something that helps your hair heal!"

What is your favorite vacation? ​" Probably Disneyland, I went right before I started school here. My whole family, it was like a high school graduation slash starting college day. We stayed there for 5 days and 5 nights. It wasn't but first time but i haven't been there since I was eight and I got to see everything as an adult. I'm still awe struck by the princesses because I was born to be one!"

What do you always forget to pack? " Probably Pajamas. I always forget the PJ's."

Dana ( AIP Instructor)


Pick #1: Dry Remedy Moisturizing Shampoo " It just adds a lot more moisture to my hair, it doesn't feel like I'm using a shampoo, it almost feels like I'm using a conditioner. And I feel like a lot of time when I'm staying in hotels the water dries my hair out a lot."

Pick #2: Dry Remedy Moisturizing Masque " This is for that exact same reason, I always feel very dry when I'm staying at hotels so I feel like I need to add a lot more moisture then usual to my hair"

Pick #3: Air Control " Okay I love Air Control! I use this on my daily life, so the fact that there is a little one is really really helpful when I'm traveling I can take it through the airport. I just like it because it is so buildable. So, if I'm having a day where I'm going out it is really nice for that and if I'm having a day where I'm just hanging out its really nice for that as well. It is just so versatile!"

What is your favorite vacation? ​" Hawaii!! oh my god, the waves were just so cool, just seeing all of it"

What do you always forget to pack? " I always forget ALL my face stuff, lotion, cleanser, anything, I just always forget it!"

Hannah (AIP Student)

Pick #1: Smooth Infusion Shampoo "I have really curly hair and I also bleach my hair so the Smooth Infusion helps with the volume. Especially in the humidity!"

Pick #2: Damage Remedy Conditioner "This is just a great repair for my hair!"

Pick #3: Air Control "Not to heavy and I can re-style my hair because I only wash my hair once a week."

What is your favorite vacation? ​"I went to Brazil with my dad and my little brother. Best parts were ATVing on the beach and Jet skiing on the Amazon!"

What do you always forget to pack? "Toothbrush, Always!"

Elizabeth (AIP Student)

Pick #1: Rosemary Mint Conditioner "I picked this cause I only use conditioner when I camp. Its quick and easy and your only camping, you don't need to look like a superstar!"

Pick #2: Sun Care hair and Body Cleanser "You just gotta protect your hair!"

Pick #3: Foot Relief "If you are at the beach, you are gonna need to moisturize your feet because of all the fun in the sand!"

What is your favorite vacation? ​" I went on a camping trip to that beach in Twilight, La Push. I met Taylor Lautner. He is so nice, but he is short."

What do you always forget to pack? "Hair ties and bobby pins!"

Makayla (Assistant Manager)


Pick #1: Air Control " For my fly-aways, I don't want anything to heavy. Air Control is light hold so I can still let my hair blow in the wind!"

Pick #2: Hand Relief "If you are hanging out at the beach for your vaycay your hands are gonna get dry, so your gonna need this!"

Pick #3: Damage Remedy X "If I go in the ocean, if there is an ocean where I am going, then I'm gonna need this to repair any damage from the harsh water and sun!"

What is your favorite vacation? ​"Disneyland!! Because hello, its a theme park, so much fun!"

What do you always forget to pack? " You know, I am usually pretty good. I have a list and I check it off so that helps. But actually Bobby-pins!!"

Jess (Compliance Manager)

Pick #1: Stress Fix Body Cream " Smells amazing and just a great all over body cream!"

Pick #2: Sun Care Hair and Body Cleanser " Well I love this because its dual purpose, for your hair and your body. its super great if you out in the sun or at the beach, this stuff is really clarifying. It also smells like creamsicles!"

Pick #3: Sun Care Masque " This one is an intensive rehydration. So, if you are out in the sun a ton, helps to bring back hydration for you!"

What is your favorite vacation? ​"Every year my friends and I go to Mexico so every year I get to have my favorite vacation!"

What do you always forget to pack? " I'm kind of an over-packer to be honest. so i don't forget much." I usually over-pack. But I often forget like 1 makeup brush and its usually the most important one so I'm constantly double checking!"

Zack (AIP Student)

Pick #1 Control Force " It has a strong finish and it lasts a long time, I'm pretty hard on my hair and I like it to not move!"

Pick #2: Men's Pureformance Shampoo " It has a really nice smell and makes my hair feel really nice!"

Pick #3: Stress Fix Body Cream " It smells amazing and is really relaxing. Even on vacation things can seem a little hectic, this is perfect in your down time to relax with!"

What is your favorite vacation? ​"Mexico. We stayed in this little town called Tulum. Gorgeous, a lot of time of the beach, hiking, it was just super awesome! Although in January we are going to SE Asia!"

What do you always forget to pack? " I always forget my phone charger. Like every single time and I have to buy a new one every time I travel!"

No matter where you are going this summer you will probably forget to pack something ( Phone Charger, toothbrush maybe even your PJ's) But wherever you end up don't forget these Aveda favorites! Let us know your #VaycayFaves on Instagram!



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