Student Spotlight: Shannon

If you follow Shannon on her Instagram ( @ShannonslovelyLocks) then you know that this up and coming stylist LOVES a good color transformation! Shannon is currently in our salon life phase and only has a few more months before she is out in the world of beauty. We caught up with her to find out a little more about her journey so far at the Aveda Institute Portland! 



Why did you choose AIP? What lead you to beauty school? 
I have been interested in going to this school since it opened. It took a little time to get here, but this is my dream. My family uses Aveda too! I wanted to go to a school where they were passionate about the environment and helping people. Other schools don’t share that quality. They teach you the basics...I wanted to attend a school where they care about the student’s skill level.


From being on time, having a warm disposition with guests, bringing your business cards to your station for every service, and being finished with your services at only half-way through your program, you are a rock star! How did you cultivate this skill and is there someone that contributed to your professional development?
My mom instilled professionalism in me. 100% You have to work hard at home and in the workplace. Treating others how you want to be treated is so important. You should hold yourself accountable whether others are paying attention or not. My mom is my driving force. She still calls me to check in and make sure I’m on my way to school some days. Upon enrolling at Aveda, I made a commitment to professionalism. That includes respect, health, and kindness. Not showing others, especially guests, when something is amiss. That’s why people come here- to feel beautiful. Projecting self-love is important to instill self-love.
I am so grateful to every instructor in this building. They have worked so hard to teach me everything I know technically and professionally. I’d really like them to know that.

When you are working with a client, what is on your mind? In a situation where the guest is not in the best spirits, how do you handle it?
Kill ‘em with kindness! In a difficult situation, you can’t focus on the bad mood, it will just make things get worse. Offering guests more tea or a hand massage can make a difference. Make the guest a priority, make them feel like they are number one. I don’t leave a client when they are processing. I will rub their shoulders, clean my station...but I don’t leave them. It’s hard to be in a bad mood when you feel prioritized. That the thing, you have to leave the personal behind in the environment. School really does carry on to your career. When you take school seriously, it helps your success in the future. Create work that you are proud of. 

What is the most important skill you use to stay professional in the environment?
If I’m nervous or feel that I have made an error, I don’t make it apparent to the guest. I touch base with my instructor and explain the situation. I think they respect it more when you ask for help. You work together. There’s a part of it that you’re projecting confidence you don’t have. It doesn't’t make you look bad to ask for help. When my instructor shows me something, I pay attention and put my focus into their lesson. That’s why they’re here.

Do you have any tips for cultivating a professional disposition in the environment?
If the service isn’t going that well, I take a step back and count to ten. Take a deep breath. It’s okay to step back for a moment, mentally. Let yourself regain your center and come back to the situation with a fresh attitude. People can get really wrapped up in their anxiety. You must return to the now. It’s hard to learn things with a closed mind. Taking constructive criticism is important because it helps you to improve in the long run. Always keep your open mind. Be teachable.

What are your plans for after you graduate?
I want to work in an Aveda concept salon in Portland. I’d be honored to work for a Dosha Salon. I won’t work at a salon where they don’t carry Aveda. These are the products that I believe in and stand behind.

Is there anything else you’d like to add? A quote perhaps?
“I’d rather live one day as a lion than 1,000 as a lamb”- Tibetan proverb

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